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The Healing Arts

Healing Arts are modalities designed to relax your body and your mind, promoting healing, a sense of well being and balance in your life. Still Point offers the following Healing Art Modalities. If you don't see the modality you are looking for give us a call we might have a qualified therapist to fulfill your needs.

Ayurvedic Massage Treatments

Indian Head Massage ( Mukabyhanga)

Is a special Ayurveda technique using warm high-quality oils and focusing on Marma (vitality points) on the face, head, neck and shoulders. This type of massage can have a positive and balancing effect on the deeper tissues and organs of your body.

Cost: 30 min - $55   45 min - $65   60 min - $75

Indian Full Body Massage ( Abyhanga)

Abhyanga - is a gentle, yet firm whole body massage (head to toe) using warm high quality oils. The message is done in a soft rhythmic motion, providing a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Regular Abhyanga treatments and alleviate stress, anxiety and exhaustion, hence it can promote a higher energy level and a sense of well being. Nourishing the body can help you get a good nights sleep and improve your skin texture and has a total balancing effect on your whole body.

Cost: 60 min - $95 (this is a price change)

Massage Treatments

Holistic Swedish Massage

Using the basic massage techniques of rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes, firm kneading and percussion-like tapping incorporated in a Swedish massage with the intent to affect you on all levels of your being. Physically by relaxing and toning your muscles assisting blood and lymph flow and stretching the connective tissue of joints. Mentally , relieving stress and anxiety. Emotionally creating feelings of well-being trust and joy. Spiritually attain a state of heightened awareness and clarity. High quality massage cream or oils are used to reduce friction and stimulate the skin.

Cost: 60 min - $75   90 min - $90

Deep Tissue Massage

Slow, deep and focused strokes that penetrates below the superficial muscle layers. Therapist works within your pleasure/pain threshold to break up chronic physical tensions.

Cost: 60 min - $85

Foot Reflexology

A technique applying pressure to the feet in order to stimulate reflex areas to effect a physical change in the body.

Cost: 60 min - $75

Prenatal Massage

Cost: 60 min - $80

Embodyment Therapy®

Deeply restorative hands-on yogic bodywork

Embodyment Therapy - is a hands-on healing technique designed to access your own power to heal. You will rest, fully clothed and supported, in yoga’s relaxation pose. A gentle touch is applied to key areas of the spine facilitating a release of deeply held tensions beginning at the lower spine and radiating up and throughout the body. You can enjoy a wide range of benefits, increased body awareness and increased flexibility. You may also benefit from relief of chronic neck and back pain, improving your ability to relax and tune into a deep sense of peace and calm.

Cost: 60 min - $75

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Thai Shiatsu Bodywork

Thai and Shiatsu blended perfectly

A creative blend of acupressure, energy balancing, stretching, and applied yoga exercises that create a unique and powerful bodywork technique. Thai-Shiatsu is done fully clothed on a comfortable floor mat. Awaken and balance your vital life force receive a whole body a tune- up that is both relaxing and invigorating.

Cost: 60 min - $75


Energy Body Work

It is a completely non-invasive therapy and applies no forceful pressure to the body or manipulation of the limbs. You will lay down on a table or mat fully clothed. The Reiki practitioner uses a combination of hand positions that channel the energy. Reiki works through the energy centers of the body, balancing the energy flow and creating the optimum conditions for well being. Reiki can be used with any condition. Reiki can boost the immune system thus helping the patient heal themselves.

Cost: 60 min - $75

Raindrop Therapy Technique

Aromatherapy Massage Treatment

Raindrop Therapy is a relaxing and invigorating massage combining aromatherapy with a mixture of other massage techniques. We use a sequence of eight therapeutic grade essential oils are dropped onto the back like raindrops and onto the spinal reflex points of the foot and then are gently massaged into your body.

Cost: 60 min - $85